A Tender Christmas

New Release: Sounds of Adoration


Christmas has become an frazzled excess of shopping, overstuffed calendars and crowded malls.

But that was never God’s intention. As the Nativity shows, Christmas is supposed to give us the space to focus on faith, hope and love. In this crazy world, these simple basics are often drowned out. 

This collection of beloved Christmas Carols lullabies will help you take a deep breath and reconnect with the heart of the holiday.

Enjoy original arrangements composed by Margaret Wacyk that been recorded on a piano tuned to the Sacred Frequencies from the Bible. 

20% of proceeds will benefit the Living Water International Organization, providing clean water to 3rd world countries.

If you’re looking for some heavenly harmonies to give you peace and inspiration at this often frantic time of year, while bringing a cup of clean water to drink for less fortunate, you're sure to enjoy A Tender Christmas.

Cost: $6.39

Musical Offerings to Uplift the Spirit


Sample the new recording

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For those moments when you need an energy boost, I've assembled a collection of my favorite music to help your refresh, recharge and restore.

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Welcome. I'm Margaret Wacyk, a concert pianist, author, recording artist. 

I believe that the music of the past, with it's glorious patterns, high frequencies and sacred geometry has much to offer. Its grace offers us a prayer connection to the Divine. 

It miraculously elevates our Spirit for better living by opening the heart, mind and emotions.

Beethoven called great music the 'highest revelation.'

What did he mean by that?  How can it help us today?

That is the invitation and the journey.

Come along as we soak in the deeper meaning of music. We will reach into the past and take hold of sacred patterns, frequencies and rhythms contained in great music to breathe new vitality to our being. 

You can find me on my YouTube channel where I share weekly videos of curated music. Additionally, explore my original music written for a one-of-a-kind piano tuned to sacred ancient frequencies (known to impart spiritual blessing), or attend an exciting live performance.





Musical Offerings for the Spirit



"When devotional music is played, God's presence is there." JS Bach and the spiritual message inside his music. Read it. Listen. Increase in Faith .



The Beethoven Experience- Hearing God in the Silence. How can Beethoven's struggle and music empower you to live heroically?



Renew your Mind, Body and Spirit with this unique collection of classical piano gems (digital album). Clarify your mind, refresh your spirit, renew your body.